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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seniors Face their Final Week.

Photo courtesy of Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School. 
Seniors Face their Final Week.
                                                            By Jin Yup Jung ‘14

Seniors are excited to get out of school, but they still need to face off against the last finals in high school…

It is true to say that time has flown by.

While most seniors have decided which college, job corp, or military branch they will go to, they finally stand in front of the final gate. The 2013-2014 seniors have been thinking about a senior skip day, but they knew that their final grades will affect their life, especially those who are working for scholarships.

“I’m anxious to take finals,” Colton Sierra said. “These are the first finals I had to take since sophomore year due to my perfect attendance record being broken. I think after finals are over I’m going to run all over the country like Forrest Gump.”

“I feel completely ready and determined to pass with good grades.” Aspen Bettelyoun said. “I still can’t believe we are graduating. I’m really excited!”

It has been a long journey for the seniors to get to this point and they are finally on the last steps to graduate. There were several seniors who have not completed their final year at Red Cloud, but the current seniors are strong and tough enough to accomplish their last high school missions.

When you see seniors you know in the hall at school...give them a big high five!

Student Art Gallery Paints a New Picture

Photos by Colton Sierra '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School. 
Student Art Gallery Paints a New Picture
By Colton Sierra '14

For the past 2 ½ months, Heritage Center staff Brandie Macdonald and Art teacher Brittany Weidel and her students have been collaborating to create their own art gallery that would take place within the walls of the Heritage Center. It made its debut April 25th and continues to bring in visitors until its final day on May 16th.

The art gallery is for the students to explore other professions in the art field. It also is there teach about museums, and what it means to set up an exhibit. The students were to complete and present a project exhibition proposal before setting up shop in the provided area a little ways from the Heritage Center.

The theme of the art gallery is “History...what if?” The art focuses on looking at historical events and blatantly asking “what if?” There are art pieces everywhere but the one aspect of the gallery that captures most of the attention is a big brown section that covers the whole wall titled “Write Your Own History." This piece allows for the different range of visitors to have their own input on what they think history what be like. With the “Write Your Own History” piece being involved, the gallery becomes what Macdonald would call “more community based.”

“I am so proud of the students participating within the student gallery exhibitions,” said Macdonald. She can be heard encouraging students and other visitors to leave their mark on the piece.

The art gallery is part of a groupage of art based projects coming from the Heritage Center. It joins the Spoken Word Poetry team, Tȟéča Wówapi Káǧa Okȟólakičhiye (TWKO), and the Raise Up writing contest.

Brandie Macdonald looks to the future of the Heritage Center and high school students and tells that they have a goal “to provide these opportunities for the community.”

The Right Timing for Marriage?: The Explosive In-depth Report

Photo by Shawnta' Jones '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
The Right Timing for Marriage?:
The Explosive In-depth Report
By Shawnta’ Jones ‘14

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how a certain English teacher knew he was actually ready to marry another former faculty member. Well, I got no response but I figured it would be a great idea to find out when students and faculty of Red Cloud think they will actually be ready to marry, so I asked the question, “How do you know you’re ready to marry?” Here are a few responses to my question.

Colton Sierra: “I don’t know, I guess when it’s right, it’s right and when you’re wrong, you may suffer the consequences.”

Ashley Boone: “I think it’s a lengthy process and I try to look to Lakota tradition, it takes a long time. The idea of evaluating your relationship under different circumstances. I would also say when you’re able to feel happiness within yourself and not feel like has to come from your spouse. Find someone who compliments your life.”

Bre Amiotte: “When I’m settled down and I can find someone who can put with my attitude.”

Christi Sioux Bob: “After I have my life together first and do what I want to do.”

Nakina Mills: “I feel like I will know to marry when I know that we are healthy in all areas together, connected spiritually, financially, emotionally, and physically.”

Cody Janis: “I think whenever you have that special connection with someone and they will do anything for you. Also they have to make you smile.”

Marco Starr: “When you know the person well enough, after you have met everyone in their family. Also if you enjoy being with them.”

Brittany Weidel: I want to be settled, financially stable, and be in a relationship that I feel could be very long lasting. I would know I’m ready to marry when I’m willing to work hard for that person.”

Claire Huerter: "I think that people rush to get married because society tells them it's the right thing to do after college. I'm all about waiting until you really find the right person. I also think it's a lot more than just butterflies in your stomach you need to ask yourself are they financially stable, a good person, can you see them being a good mom or dad? I'll know when I'm ready when those things all seem right."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Senior Cleaners: Doing Their Part

Seniors doing work for the community. Photos by Colton Sierra '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
Senior Cleaners: Doing Their Part
By Colton Sierra ‘14

May Day, Thursday the 1st, was the day the seniors embarked on a journey for good rather than evil. After school, all of the seniors made their way to “Yo Park” for their Senior Service Project.

Yo Park is the home of many summer basketball games and other summer activities, and it is also victim of a harsh, trashy abuse. Spiritual Formation teacher Garrett Waters is a Yo Park enthusiast, and he describes the park as “a beautiful space.” He also described it as being “healthy for the community.” Yo Park became the best place to start since it was so central to Pine Ridge.

Waters hopes that it will encourage others who see the park in its new glory to keep it clean. There were plenty of drivers who honked and showed gratitude whenever they drove by and saw a class of 40 students doing the simple job of cleaning. People asked about what was going on and were pleased to hear the news.

There were speculations of the park getting just as dirty as it was before a day after cleaning. This discouraged students before they went aboard the bus to the clean up site. The cleaning had somewhat of a slow start, but surely picked up with impressive speed. The chaperones had to make two trips to retrieve more trash bags. The seniors filled a striking 100 bags of trash and left Yo Park looking nearly brand new.

Apart from picking up trash, a few hand-picked seniors were chosen to get rid of the graffiti on the skate park. Some graffiti was left because it had no negative background, and some of it was transformed to look positive.

Overall it was a good experience for all of the seniors, and it was a good way to get all of the seniors together to ultimately enjoy their time together.

Waters explained that this trip was more so about the experience, and the teaching that “if you put in the effort in a united fashion, you can get things done.” Even though the Yo Park clean up was a small scale project, Waters will be in the works this coming summer thinking about how to make an impact on a larger scale.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Shark Tank!

Shark Tank! Photos by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
     Shark Tank!
By Jin Yup  Jung '14
Last Friday, the Red Cloud Business Department held a business competition, aka the SHARK TANK.

Eight students participated: seniors Ryan Hussman, Kristian Big Crow, Genriel Ribitsch, Brannon Cousin, and William Belt and juniors Myriam Rama, Jamie Richards, and Bailey Clifford.

The purpose of the Shark Tank competition was to apply what the students learned through Accounting and other Business classes.

Each participant went to Eben Hall to present his or her business plan on their own business idea in front of judges from Sioux Falls. Every participant did a really great presentation.

“It felt great and boosted my confidence even more to know that the judges who are successful businessmen and businesswomen liked my presentation and business idea,” Hussman said.

The Shark Tank competition started around 2nd period and ended before 6th period.

The winners are as follows:

1st: Kristian Big Crow
2nd: Ryan Hussman
3th: Myriam Rama and Jamie Richards

The 1st and 2nd placers earned an iPad. The 3rd placers earned $100. Each participant earned a $25 gift card. 

Lakota Language Teacher Profile: Pauline Wilson

Pauline. Photo by Shawnta' Jones '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
Lakota Language Teacher Profile: Pauline Wilson
By Shawnta’ Jones '14

Calico blizzard baby Pauline Wilson spoke to me about her life experiences early this morning. So I went ahead and ventured off to find out: who is Pauline Wilson?

In February 1951, a midwife delivered Pauline. She was very poor as a child and was determined to go out and experience life. She met her husband while she was in the Job Corps. Wilson married at 18 years and had her first child at age 20.  By 26 she had three children.

Pauline also lived during the standoff at Wounded Knee. She told me that throughout this time there was a lot of hatred.

“It was an eye opener for all the people,” says Pauline. “Some people I knew and grew up with turned out to be “Goons.” It was divided amongst the people. It was very sad.”

Also, Pauline has spoken the Lakota language since she was a child and was generous enough to bring her teachings to Red Cloud. Pauline loves the respect among the staff and the students. Pauline told me that Red Cloud had a good reputation to work here. Diversity is awesome and she loves that in her life. “I love all the students I’ve come in contact with. They gave me insight into their lives.”

“I love to teach my culture and language, which is so sacred to my life,” enthused Pauline. “I love teaching high school students because of their ability to process more information and they are able to articulate life.”

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Five Red Cloud Students Earn Gates Scholarship

Five Red Cloud Gates Scholars. Photo courtesy of Red Cloud Indian School. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
Five Red Cloud Students Earn Gates Scholarship
By Jin Yup Jung '14  

Ryan Hussman. Photo by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
Ryan Hussman
Q. What do you want to study/major in?  
A. Business

Q. What’s your dream?
A. To come back to the reservation and create business and to run the family's ranch.

Q  What’s your favorite subject? 
A.  Favorite subject is US History and Entrepreneurship.

Q. Winning this changes your future how?  
A. It let's me explore my options for colleges without the stress my finances and of course letting me graduate from college debt free .

Colton Sierra. Photo by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud School.
Colton Sierra
Q. How do you feel about to be chosen as a Gate scholar?
A. Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me. It takes care of college payments for me so I can focus on the classes more

Q. What do you want to study/major in?
A. I want to go into business management to try and come back and help out the economy of the reservation.
Q. Winning this changes your future how?
A. Winning this award means that I won't have to struggle with money.

Q. What strategy are you gonna use to maintain your GPA  in college?
My strategy to maintain a good GPA is to be present in every class, take good notes, meet with my professors, and remind myself of my goal everyday.

Q. What’s your plan for summer?
My plan for the summer is to find a job and get some money to buy things both for my dorm room and my car. Oh and play golf.

Caine Ghost Bear. Photo by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.
Caine Ghost Bear
Q. Where do you plan on studying?
Metropolitan State University of Denver- double major in Nursing and Athletic Training.

Q.  What’s your favorite subject?
Q. Winning this changes your future how?
That I'm not another negative statistic on the reservation and show people success does come from the rez and anyone can pursue their aspirations.
Q. How do you feel that you are chosen as a Gates scholar?
In all honesty it still hasn't hit me but I'm jovial and honored to be a Gates scholar.
Q. What strategy are you gonna use to maintain your GPA in college?
Definitely study groups in my student loft along with tutors, especially in my English class.

Kristian Big Crow. Photo by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.

Kristian Big Crow

Q. What’s your dream? what do you want to become in the future?
A. I want to be an engineer. I also want to go into business and start my own company.

Q. Where do you plan on studying?
 A. Right now my plan is to study at Creighton University.
Q. What’s your favorite subject?
A. Fave subject in school would be Accounting or chemistry II.

Q. Winning this changes your future how?
 A. Winning this scholarship could mean the whole world for me by shaping the next step I take towards my future, which could be me going towards the road with books or the road with a rifle.

Q. What strategy are you gonna use to maintain your GPA  in college?
 A. Strategy would be the motivation to prove the people wrong who believe that I wont be cut out for it.

Q. How do you feel that you were chosen to be a Gates scholar?
 A. I was surprised. I thought I wasn't chosen and was accepting the fact that the army was my next step towards my future, But then Robin congratulated  me on getting it, which confused me since I didn't hear back yet. But then she showed me the email and I was taken away and at a loss for words.

Genriel Ribitsch (with Ryan Hussman). Photo by Jin Yup Jung '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.

Genriel Ribitsch

Q. How do you feel that you were chosen to be a Gates scholar?
A. I feel amazing. I knew it was really difficult competition, but after I realized I was chosen to be a Gates scholar, I could be relieved from all stress

Q. What do you want to study/major in?
A. Undecided, but I want to study Pre-med and Business.

Q. What’s your dream? What do you want to become in the future?
A. I want to become a surgeon so I can help people who are in need.

Q. What’s your favorite subject? 
A. Anatomy and Entrepreneurship/accounting.

Q. Winning this changes your future how?
A. Winning the award made my future more clear now. I solved my financial problem so I actually can study what I want without any worry.

Q. What strategy are you gonna use to maintain your GPA in college?
A. I’m going to get my work done before I do something and try to connect with professors so I can do well on my work.