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Friday, February 7, 2014

LCE Writing Contest Wants You!

Writing contest flyer. Photo by Colton Sierra '14. Copyright Red Cloud Indian School.

LCE Writing Contest Wants You!
By Colton Sierra ‘14

The Lakota Children’s Enrichment program wants your creative writing piece (and artwork) about our Lakota land. Their writing contest deadline is in one week. If you submit a good piece, you can win $350. These collections of literature and art will be known as “The Voices of the Land,” so get to work!

Writing pieces can address whoever and whatever as long as it relates back to the land. They can be written in any voice that you’d like to, such as the voice of the land, voice of an ancestor, or your own voice. An art piece is only acceptable if you do a writing piece, so keep that in mind. You can learn more about the contest by either getting a flier from the office, the English Department, or visiting their website.

The LCE program came up in my life last spring when I was awarded for my writing piece in their first writing contest. During the following summer, I learned about the LCE. I was surprised at how focused they are on the reservation and how much they want to help here.

Upon visiting their website, I saw a lot of images and words that ignited a flame in my heart. I was so thankful that someone cares about our reservation. It also motivated me to become a better me.

Get your writing pieces and artwork in before the deadline and maybe you will also experience a transformation to a better you.

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